The latest jam from International Maschine Orchestra.

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Deep Techno

Another top track from the bowels of North East London.

Deep bass and a nice bit of skrunge.

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Crazy Stuff You Never Knew You Wanted But Is Somehow Suddenly Essential

To paraphrase Powers itself, “How fucking awesome is this?”

Yes, just when you thought season of irrational purchasing was finally over, here comes another piece of shelf-clogging superbness to force you to max out that credit score once again.

With 120 pages of uncoloured Oeming artwork, you get to choose exactly what colour of shoes Deena Pilgrim is wearing and find out exactly how much work the likes of colour artists like Pat Garrahy actually have to do to ensure that each issue looks so good, although they’re all doing it with fancy schmancy computery tricknology rather than crayons and the leftover felt tip pens you have from childhood.

10 minutes ago I didn’t know this even existed. Now I just can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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Walk The Line

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Another Fine Loop You’ve Caught Me In…

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Been waiting a while for this

And it’s well worth the wait. 

Best Female Spy In The 1970’s comic on the market. If you haven’t already got into this, now is time to get in gear. 

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