I tell you I was forced to do it

The other day I was forced – forced you understand, absolutely compelled – to get my hands on a PSP. If only so I could play with it and determine what options were available in terms of web access and communications for a small project I’m involved in.

It’s not a bad piece of kit, great for watching super-compressed movies, but there aren’t a whole load of great games for it. Obviously there’s Wipeout, which is just great whatever platform it’s on, and I’m well on my way to becoming a right bastard in God of War, but aside from this there’s not a lot that’s setting my world on fire. Additionally, Sony seem to have given no thought to any kind of integration with Macs. So I had to also get my hands on The Missing Sync, which lets me totally synchronise my PSP with my Mac. A black PSP

As far as using the web goes, it’s not bad. It’s wifi enabled and beats the crap out of any mobile bar the iPhone, but its screen size and lack of a keyboard are problematic. It takes the length of a bible to input any kind of text, and good passwords that combine a load of letters and numbers can take forever to put in. However, I’m keen to get my hands on the Go! camera and try using Skype.

As the project I’m working on proceeds we’re probably going to be developing an interface for the PSP (and ultimately for more gaming platforms). I’ll let you know how it goes.