That Running Playlist

Yes, yes I know, New Year, new resolutions. This time I’ve decided to push on with the running. Previous attempts have been variously successful, running the gamut from months to weeks in length. There was a point when I was even doing semi-regular 5k races each week at the Parkrun in Finsbury Park.

All through there’s been a subtle helping hand from Nike+. I love its stats and record keeping and it’s got a fairly adequate set of training programmes. And obviously the Nike+ GPS app for the iPhone doesn’t hurt. Admittedly, I’d love it if I could set training times into it, so it let me know when my sets were over, but maybe that’s something they’re developing.

But best of course is the music. So here’s my current iPod playlist for running.

  • Seventeen (Soulwax Remix) – Ladytron
  • Downpipe (Radio Edit) – Mark Knight & Underworld
  • We Are Your Friends (Lee Cabrera’s Lower East Side Remix) – Justice vs Simian
  • Kansas City Shuffle – J. Ralph
  • Mountain Song – Jane’s Addiction
  • Spaceface (Tomcraft Remix) – Simple Minds (yeah, bizarre I know)
  • Toxic – Mark Ronson
  • Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Remix) – Depressed Toad
  • Sexy Boy – Air
  • Let Me Go – Heaven 17
  • Wrote For Luck (Vince Clarke Mix) – Happy Mondays