Creativity: 29 Ways To Stay Creative

There Must Be 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

But here are 29 ways you can compensate for that by staying creative. Even though I’d disagree with the whole singing in the shower thing. Oh and caffeinated coffee is bad too. But aside from that it’s all cool.

I think the original is from the Life on Michigan Avenue blog.


After all that messing about with sequencing, I thought I’d mess about with video. This has been made with iMovie and really it couldn’t be simpler. iMovie imports all the video on your machine – not that much in my case as I don’t actually have a video camera and have to rely on the video from my camera and strangely it didn’t catch the movies from Ratter’s Flip camera – but it’s enough to play with.

Putting the clips together and trimming the various clips is also pretty simple, although I’d like to be able to see the audio waveform when trimming, rather than simply hearing it, to ensure I got the trimming absolutely spot on. However, given I haven’t bothered to read any documentation or view anything other than the opening You Can Do This movie, I’m sure there are ways to do this. In any case it doesn’t seem to have proved too much of a deterrant to getting the cuts in the right place.

Anyway, this is a video of the Boon cavorting to my latest tune Kyle.

Creativity 101

I’ve been getting interested in exactly what creativity is and what you can do to develop it within organisations. In particular, is creativity something that is just there innately, or can you nurture it so as to become more creative, both as an individual and an organisation. And, if so, what we can do to build and maintain spaces and environments that are most conducive to creativity.

The most thought provoking piece I’ve found so far is a How To Be Creative manifesto by Hugh MacLeod. This video is inspired by the core elements of the manifesto, but the whole thing is worth reading.