Another neat little app for the iPhone, Colorspash is probabably the best ÂŁ1.19 I’ve spent recently.
Colorsplash strips the colours from your iPhone photos, then lets you put it back in a finger painting style. Simple to use and with the best help system of any app I’ve played with, this is both powerful and fun to use. It is also highly versitile, allowing me to fine tune the feathers of The Diva’s boa.
There has been a growing trend for apps that make the iPhone into a truly creative platform – painting and photographic ones especially – and Colorsplash is a great,fun addition to these.

The Diva in performance mode

The Boys discover bottle throwing

One Response to “Colorsplash”

  1.  charlesfrith Says:

    I don’t have an iPhone although it has struck me that the app thing could be a bit faddish. It’s inexpensive and fun, and clearly opens up another world, but I’m not convinced the enthusiasm for apps will always be so roubust. Maybe the next gen of iPhone customers will expect it and consequently not be so enthusiastic to explore.

    Grass is greener and so on.

    I’m probably completely wrong of course and channeling iPhone envy into bah humbug comments.

    However I’m still working my way through the Nokia N95 that JWT gave me nearly 18 months ago. There’s just so much on it that I get a bit white faced just thinking about burning another couple of week just exploring another mobile phone interface. Not to mention venturing into app world.

    Think I’ll hold on until I’ve a good reason for migrating but then I’m also curious to play with Google Android because I’m such a Google Fanboy.

    Does it ever stop 🙂