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Forget The Curse of the Captain. It’s The Curse of Chelsea I’m Worried About…

Following Rio’s bizarre training injury, the cheap papers are all full of the Curse of the Captain. They cite the likes of Bryan Robson as evidence of this previously unknown but now obviously bloody serious problem. To illustrate the depths to which they’ve sunk, the Curse not only applies to injuries sustained while on Engerland duty, but any and all minor transgressions achieved by said player irrespective of their connection to the post of captain of Engerland.

I remain spectacularly unworried, Rio was always going to be a liability given his lack of football this year and it seems we have got our pre-tournament crisis over with without any significant damage. Certainly compared to the effects of Beckham’s metatarsal in 2002 and Rhino’s in 2006. I am, however, very worried about the Curse of Chelsea. Because this is serious.

Now Chelsea, being an oligarcious megaclub, have a number of players at the Big Cup Tournament. But damn if they’re not dropping like flies. Essien is out, Ballack is out, Scrabbletaculous John Obe Mikel is out, the Drog is almost out. Not even former players are immune. Robben is definitely out for the first match. On the plus side John Terry did lose the Engerland captaincy.

Still if I was Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, John Terry or Fat Frank, I’d be very, very worried.