What We Learned From Honduras vs Chile (0-1)

At Last! An Alternative

Chile are mad. I can still remember when they came to Wemberley in ’98 and Salas scored a brilliant Route 1 net-bulger, controlling the long ball on his thigh, before lashing it in on the volley. Boy were we both gutted and impressed. Salas is obviously not there any more, but Chile are still mad. They play an interesting 3-1-3-3 formation, which is somewhat unusual, and they haven’t bought into this Mourinho defensive pragmatism. No, they are a throwback to a bygone age when sophisticated rearguard actions consisted of a kick in the teeth from ‘Chopper’ Harris and a free kick if you were lucky.

At Last! South Central American Football

And we don’t mean Compton LA. We expect the South and Central Americans to be focused on a more extravagant, flamboyant football and you could see pretty early on that both sides had the rather quaint notion of attacking the opposition and trying to win the game. How utterly naive we thought, they will get found out if they make it through to the next round. But then they will have got through to the next round by playing good football and winning, which is more than many teams will achieve. And that was a lovely goal even if the actual ‘shot’ was a bit jammy.

Refs From The Seychelles

Hmmmm Now we’re all for the international world fellowship of football that FIFA loves, but I’m not sure the World Cup wouldn’t be better served by having more refs from larger countries, who have experience at international and Champions League levels, than spreading the love all the way around the world’s holiday hot spots. That said the ref from Uzbekistan, who did the first match was spot on.

15 Down 49 To Go

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