What We Learned From Spain vs Honduras (2-0)

Spain Seem To Have Stepped Up A Gear

Where previously Spain seemed to have no answer to Switzerland except to try and force their way up the middle, with only a few minutes of wingplay, against Honduras they started with Jesus Navas, who immediately gave them width on the right and allowed David Villa to drift over to the left while Torres played down the middle. This way they were able to pull Honduras all over the field, their right back having no answer to Villa’s wingplay. However, Honduras were nowhere near as accomplished as Switzerland in terms of defending and Spain were nowhere near the tippy-tappy best they showed in last year’s Confederations Cup. Here they were merely superior and functional, playing the long ball far more often than they tried to pass their way through the Hondurans. Villa had a hatfull of chances, scoring two and missing a penalty, Torres seemed lacklustre and Sergio Ramos couldn’t buy a goal if he had a fistfull of dollars.

Fabregas Seemed To Energise Them

Cesc didn’t come on until late, but he seemed to immediately energise the Spanish side, making their attacks a little more vibrant and emphatic. It seems that Spain, like so many sides, are still looking for their ideal side, it should probably include Jesus Navas and Fabregas, but maybe not Torres?

Are Honduras Stuffed Then?

According to my I-Spy World Cup Handbook, Honduras are officially down and out. The best they can do is beat Switzerland, which will give them 3 points, and if they did it by more than 3 goals would put them above the Swiss, but even if Spain were to lose to Chile, leaving them on 3, they would probably have a better goal difference and even if they did Spain have beaten them. So I’m fairly confident that Honduras are officially stuffed.

32 Down 32 To Go 29 Teams Remaining

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