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More Tweets From The Palace 2010-12-05

  • Finally got a Truck in GT5. Sadly there is no Good Ol' Boy colour scheme with confederate flag and gun rack. Nor are there Rhino Bars. Boo #
  • Don Winslow does it again. Up all night reading Savages. Finding my inner Taliban. Boy can that fella write. #
  • Hello bribery and corruption, we're FIFA. #worldcup #
  • Good luck to England World Cup bid. So much more worthwhile than the Olympics. #
  • Anyone know how to export Gran Turismo video to my Mac? I can put it onto a USB stick but the files don't appear to be video #granturismo #
  • Isle Of Joy. Don Winslow does it again. Another night of sleep I won't be getting back. He is truly class. #