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More Tweets From The Palace 2011-04-10

  • I can see Apple buying Soundtracking some time early next week. It's exactly what they wanted dreadful social music disaster Ping to be. #
  • Ennio Morricone 'The Good The Bad And The Ugly' getting ready for some Red Dea… ♫ #
  • 'Searching For The 29' by Lairds of Scunthorpe. I know you've never heard this. ♫ #
  • In the garden listening to choons ♫ #
  • Friday Football badness as Dave breaks his ankle in freak on the ball accident. Get well soon Dave. #
  • RT @FTTilt: MT @ranjanxroy: US map with states renamed countries with similar GDP = @pjoroarke would be proud #
  • See. Exactly the same ending. #
  • Although I did sleep through a bit of it so actually it might not have been. However my experience of DVDs is that they don't change alot. #
  • That actually WAS Deja Vu all over again. With Denziel Washington. #
  • Rather than pulling my eyes out by their stalks I have foresaken the PisspoorEuropa League for a rubbish DVD. Believe me rubbish > pisspoor #
  • Crikey this Europa League shinannighans is right bloody poor quality. How Man City managed to get dumped out is a mystery. #
  • Just seen Source Code at the Screen on the Green. Lovely cinema. It really IS Deja Vu all over again. Which isn't a bad thing. #
  • My! Henry Rollins just went crazy batshit in Sons of Anarchy and killed everyone. And he looks mad as hell. #
  • Wow. Worst customer service for apps – congrats to for boldly ripping their customers. #
  • That was Sid Lowe in the Graun btw. Genius #
  • Aaron Lennon's illness proved contagious. He pulled out of the starting XI and the other 10 players seemed to go down with the symptoms too #
  • Boy Spurs don't do it easy in the Big Cup do they? Admittedly they usually claw back a few when they give the opposition a 3 or 4 goal start #