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More Tweets From The Palace 2011-04-17

  • Just beat my 8km cycling time. Knackered now. I may have to sit down for a while. Just in case. #
  • Started Cycle with @cyclemeter at 12:41, on Treyford Loop route, see, Cyclemeter will speak your replies to me. #
  • Friday Football. Bloody hell. #
  • That's another poor nil – nil for Channel 5. They must really love the Europa League. What would they pay for a goal? #
  • Great refereeing in Braga Dynamo match. Sending off totally right. The sort of agricultural tackle that the Prem is notorious for. #
  • If I wanted to have stupid Oprah drivel on Flipbook I would have done it by now. Stop showing me crap Oprah promos. #fail #
  • RT @MatDolphin: Ooh, check out the plectrums on Jimi! » perfect combo of subject (Jimi) and medium (plectra). Genius #
  • According to PMDave we might give unneeded body armour to Libyan rebels. Like there is spare body armour our troops don't need lying about. #
  • Really looking forward to Spurs vs Real Madrid. Should be 100% full on attacktastic mayhem. They've only got to score 4 (or 5) more goals. #
  • Really enjoying Flipbook on the iPad. Making all your contributions look nicer… #
  • Wow MOTD2 have really bought into the YouTube highlights aesthetic. Only they're shit at it. Just show the football and can the rest #fail #