WC2014 Switzerland 2 – 1 Ecuador

I tell you that offside decision was 100% wrong. We should have had 3

I tell you that offside decision was 100% wrong. We should have had 3

Not Even The Swiss Can Stem The Tide

The Swiss. Long the most tedious nation in the footballing world. Host to the parasitic gerontocrats of FIFA. A nation with nothing to console itself with but the limitless black holes of its banking system and holey cheese that is not quite as nice as Jarlesburg. Damned by not one, not two, but three tournaments of stultifyingly tortuous soccerplay. The Swiss are simply too timid to be allowed in the Biggest Cup of All.

And Yet….

Now the Swiss have tried the footballing world’s patience for a long, long, long time. Their round of 16 match against Ukraine in World Cup 2006 still ranks as one of the most boring football matches ever as both sides began to play for penalties almost immediately.  And despite their win over the Spanish at the last World Cup, they weren’t much better in 2010.

This time the omens have been slightly better. The Swiss qualified well. And in style. They have done more than simply defend robustly. They have actually scored goals. Real proper, they actually count style goals. So they might have actually turned a corner.

Not that you would have noticed it from large parts of this game. After the goalfest that this World Cup has been up until this point, it felt like this might be the match to let the side down.  And Ecuador, based on their performance against Engerland recently, didn’t look like providing a whole lot more excitement.

And for the first half it was  like one of those Championship play off finals, there’s a big prize, but ultimately it’s a game between the sides that came fourth and sixth in the league. There wasn’t a whole lot of style going on and it felt like kick and rush most of the time.

But, amazingly, the Swiss came out on top. They should have had the lead when their second goal was incorrectly ruled out for offside (another poor offside call),  but they seized the day with the move of the match in the closing seconds. Who knows, with that never say die spirit they might actually do something.


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